Engine and Motor Overhaul Services

After many years of operation, issues like wear and tear causes machines tools to lose precision and productivity. To keep your machines running better and longer, having the right maintenance and repair program is essential. Sureserve has a team of highly experienced Engineers for Main Engine, Generator and Fire Pump Repairs and Services including; installation, overhaul, routine maintenance, procurement and training.

We provide maintenance and repairs of main engines, repair of Turbo Chargers, maintenance, reconditioning and repairs of electrical and hydraulic installations.

Dry Docking and Onboard Services

We provide virtually all your dry docking and onboard services needs, ranging from full, professional cleaning to professionally painting any part of a vessel. Our professional cleaning services have led to our impressive profile, as a direct result of our thoroughly trained staff that provides these services.

Sureserve also provides a full range of expert fabrication services and repairs. All our fabrication work will meet the highest standards in marine fabrication and repairs.

Vessel Furniture

When you entrust us with your wharf furniture needs, you will get the very best in high-quality craftsmanship. We have years of experience in constructing and maintaining some of the finest exhibits of wharf carpentry in the industry.

Our qualified team has experience in constructing new, traditional and modern structures, demolition services for demolishing existing structures and rebuilding a new, expertly designed and constructed wharf.