General Marine Services

Our General Marine Services ranges from sales of safety equipment and providing safety services to Single Commercial Vessel Operators to International Shipping Lines. We offer a comprehensive safety services.

We act as Nigeria distributors to a wide variety of Marine Safety Equipment ranging from Life Rafts, Life Jackets, MOB Equipment and Rescue Inflatable Boats through to Fire Fighting Equipment, Inflatable Dinging, Speed Boats, Patrol Launches, Personal Carrier, Work Boat Fenders (Boat and Ships), Marine Paints and Chemicals, Marine Ropes of all sizes, Paddles and Boat Fittings and a wide range of other safety products and services.

We offer detailed studying and analysis of concerned issue from the perspective of not only the concerned party but also from the perspective of the environment and any other factors which could cause a debilitating turn to the concerned issue.

Our team of Marine Professionals has extensive experience of offshore activities ranging from simple marine operations to challenging and complex offshore projects.

We are experienced in the operating conditions and regulatory regimes prevailing in West Africa and beyond.