Crewing & Management

The best ship management services depend on the best crews which is reason we place the highest emphasis on selecting, training and retraining highly qualified seafarers.

At Sureserve, we understand that human resource is the backbone of efficiency. “Our one-stop ship and crew management services range from the initial planning stage, recruitment and selection, onboard placement, overall administration of crew, to ongoing training.

Working closely with specialist agents and the most advanced training establishments, we attract experienced, enthusiastic and disciplined seamen of all ranks. We require relevant and up-to-date qualifications and experience for each role.

We ensure that officers have what it takes to lead and that crew members are able to interpret key orders and understand them. The outcome is a shipboard team that is properly trained and capable of operating with maximum efficiency, security, flexibility and attention to detail.

The crewing and working relations teams is familiar with domestic and international crew requirements. Whether you’re crewing an entire fleet or a single vessel, our comprehensive portfolio of well trained professionals can be tailored to your needs. We will create a tailored recruiting and crew training program to reduce pressure on the owner and to find the right crew for their vessels.

Crewing services include; qualification and certification, crew movements, rotations and scheduling, payroll administration and performance evaluations.